RainBow's End was one of my very favorite cavaliers.  She was very sweet,  would watch for me when I came into the room.  She always wanted to be with me, she would sleep snuggled up next to me in bed at night. 

Rainbow was such a good mom.  She kept a close eye on her puppies.  If one would stray, she would either herd it back to the group, or lay down next to it to nurse and keep it warm.  She loved to rustle around with her puppies, alway being careful not to hurt them.  The puppies on the other hand would bite their mother and were not concerned at all if it was hurting her.  Rainbow would just take it all in stride.  Below are some pictures of Rainbow and her puppies.  

Rainbow was also a good nanny.  She would gladly help to take care of other cav mom's puppies.  Which would give their mother, who had enough, a break.  Lil' Rainbow is the spitting image of Rainbow, her great grand mother.  I will always have very fond memories of Rainbow.

Rainbow's End 

     1999 - 2010      



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