Kismet always had a way of letting us know what she was thinking and what she wanted.  She would come over and look at us and give one single bark.  I'd say "Do you want to go outside?"  If that was it she would trot over to the door with enthusiasm, if that was not it as I walk to the door, she'd lay down.  I'd say "outside" but she wouldn't get up.  

So I would walk back over to my chair, then she'd get up and come over and look at me again and give her one bark.  I'd say "you want to come up"  she'd wag her tail and give a little hop as I helped her into my easy chair next to me. 

Her internal clock worked real good too.  When it was dinner time, she'll walk over to the table where her dish was, look up at it and give her single bark.  If I'd say " In a minute"  she'd give a sigh and lay down,  but just a minute or two later she'd stand up and give her single bark again. 

She would also tells us when it was time to go to bed, and she wouldn't be put off more than a few minutes before she would tells us again and insists that we go into bed with her.  She could have gone in by her self, but she wanted us to accompany her.  She clearly was the one in charge, in her sweet affectionate way. 

Princess Kismet  

1998 - 2012


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