Cavalier History

Here's some information for the Cavalier enthusiast. The King Charles Spaniel
has been known as the comforter spaniel of royalty since the fifteenth century. The only
dogs that King Henry VII would allow at his court were small spaniels for the ladies.
They were given the title of comforter spaniels because the ladies would hold them close
to their body for warmth on long carriage rides, or they might use them as foot warmers
by placing them on their feet under their long floor length skirts.
They were named after King Charles II, because his spaniels were always at
his side even as he laid on his death-bed.

The Legend of The Blenheim Cavalier  

John Churchill "The Duke of Marlborough" fancied the red and white spaniels
known for their happy temperament and sporting instinct. When the Duke led the British
Army to victory in the Battle of Blenheim in the early 1700's, the British government in
gratitude, built Blenheim Palace for him on the Marlborough estate, and the little red and
white spaniels raised there were known are Blenheim.

Legend has it that Sarah "The Duchess of Marlborough", was anxiously
awaiting for news from the Battle of Blenheim. She was hoping for her husband’s safe
return and found comfort as she sat stroking the head of her favorite female Cavalier,
(who was expecting at the time). Soon after that day, five puppies were born, and all with
the MARK of the 'Duchess Thumb Print" on top their heads. Since then, it is desired for
the Blenheim Spaniels to bear this Thumb Print or Blenheim Spot.

As you can see, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very special. For when
a Cavalier puppy comes into your life, it fills a special place…A place you never knew was empty.

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