Button Looked like she was still a puppy her whole life.  She was a wonderful mother, always looking after her puppies with the gentlest of care.   She even nursed a puppy that was not her own, because it needed extra supplementing.  She said  "No problem,  there's lots of room,  the more the merrier". 

Button is the mother of some of my best puppies including my Tri - colored stud  "Duke"  & my Blenheim girl  "Buttercup Bow"  and she is the great grandmother of my Blenheim stud  "Sun Beau".  Even after being retired and a grandma she still  wanted to help watch over the puppies,  To make sure they are all ok.  


Button was always quiet and shy, a little sweet  heart . . .  and yet if another dog was sleeping in her place, she would bark at them until she made them get up and let her have it.   After all . . . she knew her rights.

Buttons 'N Bows  

2002 - 2016



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