Remember a good breeder will evaluate you, as carefully as you evaluate them; they want
to know that you will be an intelligent, responsible puppy owner.

Question: Do you have a fenced in yard? What kind & how tall?
Reason: Cavaliers should have a fenced in area to exercise in. They should not be staked
out or tied up for long periods of time. Cavaliers are very curious, and have a short
attention span. They Need to be kept on a leash when not in their fence, so they don't run
after a squirrel or bird, across the street or run up to a large dog.

Question: When you first bring him home, where will he be sleeping?
Reason: The Cavalier is Not an outside dog, they do best living in the house as one of the
family. Crate training helps with their house breaking and gives them a secure place of
their own. Once house broken however, many of them seem to work their way into your
heart and onto your bed.

Question: What is the longest period of time your puppy would be left alone?
Will he have the company of people, or other pets during the day?
Reason: Cavaliers are very social; they will need some kind of company even more then
other breeds. They do not like to be left alone and will prefer your company over other
dogs or pets.

Question: Do you have any children?  How old are they?  Do they know how to
act around pets and small dogs?

Reason: Cavaliers are very good with well-behaved children. Children should be taught
however, how to pet and treat a dog, especially a cavalier. Never leave a small child
unsupervised or alone with a puppy. A puppy would not know how to defend himself
against being hurt or stepped on. Don’t get a puppy with the idea of teaching your child
responsibility; remember even if you have a responsible child, you will be the one
responsible for feeding and taking care of your dog.

Question: If you went on a trip who would you have take care of your dog?
Would he be at his own home or some place else?
Reason: Line up ahead of time, who will take care of your puppy, if you go away on a
trip. Ideally, take him to where he could play with other Cavaliers or small dogs. Some
people leave them with a friend or relative, or have some one stay at there home to care
for their Cavalier so they don't have to leave their familiar surrounding.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very special breed to me. My puppies are raised
in my home as part of our family and I take great care to make sure that the homes I place
my 'babies' in, will be a loving a happy home.

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